Very tasty food coupled with excellent service! Came with my family on a busy Friday evening, but was surprised to find that our order arrived really quickly.

The food itself didn’t disappoint – we especially enjoyed the blue pea jasmine rice and the babi assam.

The staff were very attentive and friendly, and we really enjoyed speaking with Fredric and Christina. Thoroughly enjoyed this dining experience and will be back soon!

Joshua Tham – Google
Nice Peranakan Food

Managed to get a reservation last minute for lunch on a Thursday at this much anticipated restaurant that I have been wanting to try. Not disappointed food is good definitely above average in a nice and cosy environment. Service is good too. The ayam buah keluak beef rendang babi assam chap chye all a cut better than most average Peranakan restaurants. The ngoh hiang is excellent.

Leonac435 – TripAdvisor
Amazing food!

Godmama serves elegant, fresh, yet indigenous food! Great ambience and atmosphere!

It’s a must-visit in my opinion!

Rajveer1986 – TripAdvisor
Bday Dinner

Celebrated a dearest friend bithday dinner. Cant fault the quality of cuisine. Nothing was bad. The average price per order is average $12-15. With drinks for the four of us was abt $120 which is most reasonable .
Service was attentive and friendly. Its casual dinning so the seats and tables are place very close together. They also have an outdoors dining area. The temperature inside the restuarant may not be as cold if compared to the other part of the mall due to the location of the restaurant.

Go for the food and service but if you want somewhere that is more conducive for a conversation this restuarant may ideal.

Markgilstead – TripAdvisor
Highly recommended

Loved this family style casual restaurant with excellent food and drinks. Highly recommended
Steve n Julie, Hong Kong.

Ruoverthetop – TripAdvisor

Food: We ordered the Nasi Ulam, Babi Assam & Chap Chye & 2 drinks – Emperor of Melaka & Peranakan Blue. Each dish has a personality of its own, especially the drinks. Presentation was on point too. Definite recommendation.

Service: They are attentive & prompt to requests. They check in with customers from time to time to make sure things are good at the table.

Others: The restaurant is right beside the Wild Rice Theatre. They were about to screen Emily of Emerald Hill (a peranakan themed production) so the mood was perfect. My friend & I were seated outdoors at the high table. It was breezy & serene as the night falls.

Overall a very pleasant dining experience & def comin back.

SarahHQTan – TripAdvisor
An easy introduction to Southeast Asia’s special regional dishes known as Peranakan

Help from the staff and owner(s) and set meals and recommended combinations make this tiny hideaway restaurant the perfect spot to try one of Asia’s special cuisines known as Peranakan–that blend of Chinese, Malay and other bits & pieces that makes it unique. We visited at lunchtime and found it buzzing with happy customers from the nearby financial district as well as the nearby National Art Gallery. Its location in the newly renovated Funan Centre (substantially upgraded from its former dens of IT hardware) now seems to be a trendy place to meet and eat.

SingaporeGirl – TripAdvisor
Best Peranakan Food I’ve tasted so far!

Read all the great reviews on various websites about Godmama and decided to give it a try with my friends. We ordered a few main dishes and desserts recommended by their staff. Food and service were excellent. Will be back for sure.

Pehcindy – TripAdvisor
Impressive modern Peranakan fare

It’s rare to find a restaurant serving good Nasi Ulam in Singapore: Godmama delivers on their sophisticated version of this dish, as well as for Peranakan staples like Ayam Buah Keluak. The true highlight is their signature popiah which is an absolute must-have. Highly recommended for pre/post show meal after catching a Wild Rice production next door!

Adrian T – TripAdvisor
Delightful meal

It was always a joy to dine in Godmama for its delicious well curated nasi ulam, accompany by several spoilt for choice chef “stared” dishes..Way to go & keep up the yum yum mode

Travelleisuredivine – TripAdvisor
Our friends loved it

We brought some friends for lunch here and they loved the experience too.

For lunch, they have sets ranging from @$15 to @$20, depending on the dish. Each set comes with spicy chilli padi and a bowl of chap chye, and blue pea rice. For an additional $3, you can get one of the premium teas, or add an extra $1 for the iced version.

Unfortunately, their signature popiah is not available for lunch.

We ordered the fish, squid, ayam buah keluak, and beef rendang, and the dishes were well balanced and not too spicy. They were well presented, and the portions were okay. The beef was cooked till soft, but were cut into too small pieces, I felt. The fish was a nice piece as well, and tasty.

Service was quick and friendly and the dishes arrived within 10 minutes.

Our friends (and us definitely), will be back soon.

Orator11 – TripAdvisor

I guess the best way to describe Godmama would be Peranakan fusion? Or modern peranakan? I had brunch here on a Sunday and ordered babi assam with baked eggs and sourdough. Tamarind pork is something I usually eat with rice so this is an interesting take. The verdict? Well, the babi assam was actually quite good but I don’t know if the western spin was necessary. Staff was attentive but a little robotic and cold.

Sychim – TripAdvisor
Best Peranakan cuisine in Singapore with unique recipes and drinks!

I loved the tasty food made from owner Christina’s family recipes and unique blue drinks.

Highly recommend to start with the Nyonya Fried Wings (which are divine!), followed by the tasty Baby Pongteh served with the blue colored rice and finish with the Ginger flower and lychee sorbet ( yummy and refreshing)!

All this served by a great staff at a very affordable price.

Apple10023 – TripAdvisor
Peranakan modern cuisine

Quite affordable prices in this restaurant with decent n above average peranakan food, some were fusion. Especially love the traditional ngoh hiang and Babi pongteh which simply melted in my mouth. Love the alfresco atmosphere in a good location, the revamped Funan mall with the urban farm just above it! Staff were attentive n friendly.

Shirleysklim – TripAdvisor
Singapore’s Civic District best Peranakan cuisine

Great value, authentic flavors and super friendly service staff. Godmama showcases a cuisine unique to the Straits Settlement. Less than 300m from historical sites within Singapore’s Civic District – Fort Canning Park, National Museum, Armenian Church, National Gallery, St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Parliament House, Victoria Theatre, Boat Quay, and my favorite Asian Civilization Museum. A cuisine not to be missed. Reservation recommended.

Helenloh88 – TripAdvisor
Enjoyed my dinner there

I enjoyed the Peranakan Blue drink and the fried chicken wings! Worth a try if you are in funan IT mall

Witdrip – TripAdvisor

Lovely lunch at Godmama’s

The lunch sets at Godmama’s were extremely good value for money with the right amount of main dish, a veg and rice. However, if you do tend to have a larger appetite, the portions may not be enough. Taste-wise, it was a good Peranankan meal, quite similar to PeraMakan and Nonya Nonya. The desserts were delicious too, a modern take on traditional desserts.
Staff were very attentive and eager to please, always smiley and cheery. When we had an issue with our reservation, we were pleasantly surprised with a dessert on the house! Excellent service recovery! Kudos to the one in charge.
The only bugbear was that we were seated next to the door which led to the outside dining area and therefore it got rather warm as the afternoon wore on. An air curtain placed at the main door may have helped to keep the cold air in.

Irene P – TripAdvisor

Great Food and Atmosphere!

After spending close to 3 weeks out of town I was craving something close to home and decided to bring my family to Godmama for an authentic Peranakan meal. Enjoyed all the dishes – but both pork dishes on the menu were my personal favourites!

Great ambience as well with the option to dine indoors or outdoors too. Will definitely be back to try the cocktails that look tasty!

HarreshK – TripAdvisor

Delicious meal at this hip new restaurant Godmama!

The food was so flavorful i can hardly wait to go again and try everything on the menu. Everything about the restaurant was perfect. The service was fast and friendly. I was surprised at how reasonable the prices were. It was first class for sure. thanks Godmama whoever you are <3

Freeman0227 – TripAdvisor

Godmama Passed The Ultimate Test

No food compliments or whatever can beat The Ultimate Test.

The ultimate test, for me, is “Would I return back to a restaurant?”

For Godmama, the answer is a resounding YES!

See you guys soon!

JosiahTan17 – TripAdvisor

Unique twist to Peranakan food!

We had the Peranakan Blue, Babi Assam, Blue Jasmine rice and Nyonya Fried Winglets! Peranakan Blue is a refreshing and pretty drink mixed with Gin Tonic. Babi Assam pork stew goes really well with the rice. But my favourite has to be the winglets! It has only one bone so it is very easy to eat. The winglets is savoury and very appetising and even more so when dipped with the belacan mayo. Enjoyed it!

Shawn D – TripAdvisor

Great Nonya cuisine !

This is a new store and located in new Funan mall. Very small restaurant with limited indoor seating but they have alfresco seating outdoor. The food is very authentic and tasty. Very origin taste especially the chicken buah keluak. You can even eat the buah keluak with a small spoon provided but quite tasteless. The Adam fish tasted great with the fish skin slightly char.. the stewed spicy belly pork with added jasmine rice will go perfectly. The red date dessert was good… the fried chicken wing was great with great seasoning of the chicken. The Ngo Hiang is perfectly fried till crispy skin outside and juicy inside. Well prepared with chili and sweet sauce make it a perfect dish with few beers.. service is attentive and friendly staff. Enjoy my food here but the beer is rather expensive.. $15 for a small can of beer…

Agoh69 – TripAdvisor

Went to Godmama for dinner and the food was great! Coupled with the ambience, the music and the friendly servers, our night cannot be better! We ordered the Popiah, ngoh hiong, chicken wings and blue pea rice to share! The food was serve hot and pretty. We even order a second plate of ngoh hiong and we were told they are hand-rolled! Wow! Definitely recommend anyone who wants to try authentic Peranakan food to visit Godmama!

Andretankokleng – TripAdvisor
Very good ambiance for all occasions

Loving the food there and the service crew are all very friendly. I’m a huge fan of Peranakan food and this definitely did not disappoint me. The ambiance is very cosy ,especially at night, there is outdoor seating. All in all, worth visiting and definitely a very pleasant experience. Price wise, super affordable for Authentic peranakan food!!

Agnestjh – TripAdvisor

The decor was modern chic, and the bar has some great drinks that could potentially be the next “Singapore Sling” – aptly named Peranakan Blue.

Spot-on food, great company and sedap-licious desserts…

We came for dinner and started off with Ngoh Hiang, Emping Melinjau (had a special sambal mayo that we loved) and the signature Egg Skin Popiah.

Mains were Babi Assam, Sotong Masak Hitam, Ayam Buah Keluak, Sambal Bendi and Beef Rendang.

Nasik Ulam and Bunga Telang Nasi to accompany the dishes.

To end the meal we had all 3 desserts.

Our recommendation for the order of eating the desserts:
1) ginger flower sorbet to cleanse your palette after the meal
2) sticky date longan pudding to get your tastebuds flowing for dessert
3) cumulating with panna cotta pulot Hitam for the finale!

We also noted that the restaurant had an interesting modern brunch menu that was available during the weekends – another reason to return to try…

As with all cuisines, recipes differ from family to family, so my friends and I came with the expectation that we are in someone’s home, and that the food may or may not be just like how it’s cooked at our own homes… And Godmama has not failed to disappoint yet…

Paperboxmatt – TripAdvisor

Peranakan food is not the most accessible in Singapore, but it is a very accurate melting pot of cultures in terms of food. I would say it’s the best way to “taste Singapore” – with each restaurant giving different takes of the cuisine. Some with more Chinese cooking methods, others more Malay cooking methods, many with Indian spices.

Godmama – a brand new joint in the new Funan Centre – is a contemporary Peranakan casual dining restaurant.

Patrons can choose to sit indoors in the air conditioning or outdoors on the patio, that was quite cool even on a balmy night.

The cocktails are pretty good as well, the most notable being the brass distillery’s butterfly pea gin and tonic. Refreshing and light, the perfect balance to the spicy food.

Peranakan food tends to be very flavourful, intense and rather spicy. So if you’re trying it out for the first time, this might be the best entry level point, as they execute well loved recipes, with crowd pleasing flavours.

It is like the Zara of Peranakan food.

If you order Peranakan, everyone will tell you there are a few dishes to have to order : Beef Rendang, a pork (babi) dish, an Assam dish, chap chye, Ayam Buah Keluak, and maybe some side dishes.

Their sambal is on point. It might be a bit too fiery for people who can’t take the heat. But I could definitely eat copious amounts of their handmade version with keropok.

Here, we had the babi Assam – which to me was the standout dish with excellent flavours. It could be stewed longer for a stronger flavor, but I was already impressed with the flavor profile of the dish. Sour, tangy, and the pork was tender and went perfectly with the butterfly pea rice.

The Ayam Buah Keluak is milder flavored compared to what I usually prefer, I like a thick, black, viscous gravy loaded with lots of paste from the buah keluak nut, but this, I understand, is an acquired taste for Peranakan purists. Their version is simpler, and cleaner, and more palatable for the masses, though the chicken can afford a longer stew time.

The popiah we were served was with egg crepe skin that they make in the kitchen. Personally this is not my favorite type of skin, but I did appreciate the filling of the roll itself. Toppings were generous and it was rolled like a huge, fat burrito.

The sambal prawn was very good, but might be a tad spicy for people who can’t do chili. But this is another dish worth trying.

Sadly, the beef rendang wasn’t available yet. But I’d love to try it if I do go back for a visit.

Desserts were a high point of the evening. And do note they are not traditional Peranakan desserts. But instead, contemporary takes with Peranakan flavours.

The coconut Panna cotta sitting in black rice was a good take on pulut Hitam. And the ginger flower sorbet was so refreshing, I could also see them incorporating this into their cocktails down the road.

Their sticky date pudding in red date and longan soup was also good, though we might have left ours sitting for a bit too long, and it got a little mushy.

All in all – if you want to taste Peranakan food without spending too much, while getting quality ingredients at good value, I’d say give Godmama a go.

SaraAnnK_sasky – TripAdvisor

Delicious Peranakan food in a cosy setting, with good service. The popiah was excellent, as was the sambal benti and ayam buak kelak. Just regret they did have beef rendang, but that will give us a reason to return. The spice levels were also manageable, and we loved the belachan.

The chicken tasted fresh, and there was no freezer burn. One piece of the chicken was slightly undercooked, and when we highlighted this to the manager, another piece was sent out to us. We turned it down as we had almost finished our meal, but appreciated the service recovery.

Orator11 – TripAdvisor

What a lovely idea to pay tribute to Godmama by opening a restaurant. Great food – sedap sekali!

Diana Seow Weibel

Definitely the best Peranakan food I’ve tasted so far. Every dish was so well thought-through.

Cindy Peh

Godmama serves authentic Nyonya food. It is a must try! Highly recommended!

Thaaddeus Heng

Godmama really stands out with its fusion twist, fresh ingredients and tasty homely Peranakan fare. Best dining experience!

Ong Jun Jie

Delicious Nonya food. Authentic Peranakan food at its finest. Recommeneded strongly – 5 stars.

Jennifer Yin